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Business Success and Spirituality

For Business Success and Spirituality: Why being Organized and Having a Vision Makes all the Difference!

Organization = Organs in Action To organize is to cause something to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea. To be organized is to be able to plan one’s activities efficiently.   An organization is a social group which distributes tasks for a collective goal. Why be Organized?  We have a choice in life to be ORGANISED OR TO COPE with what comes up. Now being organized done not mean being rigid and unbending but it does mean having everything in place so you can take the best possible cause of action in any circumstance.

Further than this being organized can assume that you have a plan – A VISION – and as such you are heading towards that Vision.

By having and Vision and heading towards it you are being the cause of your life and experiences.  Without a Vision and without organization you are more likely to be pushed and pulled by all that happens along the way – making you an effect of what happens instead of being the cause.

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Success Talk Radio – Wednesdays 6pm MT (Arizona)

Guest Hosts:  Marianne Love and Mia Dalby-Ball

Success Talk Radio

Marianne and Mia are passionate about helping people and equipping them with tools to improve their businesses or roles in chosen work and increase their happiness.  This results most naturally in an increase in wealth and success, and people are inspired to share what they have learned.

Each week they will be sharing practical tools that listeners can implement in their current business or workplace. They will discuss increasing productivity which leads to greater income and job satisfaction.

Marianne and Mia will be sharing an 8-part program covering several essential areas of business including structure, organization, posting staff and training.  Their call-in segment will offer callers a quick health check of your business to identify areas of concern.

Marianne and Mia firmly believe in creating a positive and productive workplace environment and culture in your business where good communication is essential and knowing how to manage difficult people can be handled with ease.

Listen online here: Blog Talk Radio

To talk to the host, dial (213) 943-3410.


Listen to Success Talk on Consciousness Unlimited Blog Talk Radio