Couples’ Connection

Mike and Claire Dellar host Couples’ Connection on Consciousness Unlimited, Tuesdays at 6pm MT (Arizona)

We’ve been a couple for 35 years and so have experienced a lot of aspects of what it means to live, love and learn to be a couple.

The Couples’ Connection is a program about and for couples.  Young couples, old couples, new couples and veteran couples.  Unlikely couples, made-for-each-other couples, and even who’d-a-thought couples.

We’ll be exploring issues that are especially important and challenging for people who have decided to face life’s ups and down together.

We’ll talk about some of the myths and magic about what living together brings.  We’ll share wisdoms from some of the leading experts in the various fields of counseling, self-help, psychology, brain research, child rearing, education and medicine.

We encourage dialogue and discussion and would love to have you call in and share your wisdom, experience and perspective.  Our only rule is respect; and we believe everyone has a right to their opinion.

We firmly believe that there are many people out there who can benefit from your experiences and hard-earned wisdom.  So call in and share what you know.

We’ll also share tips about what we’ve learned, or that others have passed along, about great holiday destinations, and techniques to improve communication, tips on how to better understanding your partner, and secrets on how to accept your partner’s quirks, habits and behaviors.

We’ll constantly be updating our blog with useful links to great resources.

There is nothing more challenging or wonderful than learning to live with another person in an intimate relationship.  It brings out the best and sometimes the worst in you.  But it’s always an opportunity to grow and experience life to the fullest.

How to Listen to the Show

Couples’ Connection airs Mondays at 6pm Arizona Mountain Time. You can listen online or talk on the air with the hosts by dialing into the guest phone line.

  • The number to dial to talk to the hosts is (213) 943-3410.
  • Listen online by clicking here: Blog Talk Radio.

Couples’Connection can be heard on Consciousness Unlimited Blog Talk Radio.