Life is Medicine on Consciousness Unlimited

Mondays at 7pm Mountain Time (Arizona) with host, Dr. Hien Nguyen

We are entering a new era of health, medicine and understanding of the human being. We are finally realizing the true interconnectedness of all life and how important every part of our being is to our health, wealth and happiness. This radio show talks about the very latest evidence from the cutting edge of science validating and exploring new discoveries in human health, development, healing and potential. Join Dr.Nguyen as he talks about topics such as human potential, how to live a meaningful life, mind-body physiology as well as interviewing leading authorities in a number of different fields!

How to Listen to the Show

Life is Medicine airs Mondays at 7pm Arizona Mountain Time. You can listen online or talk on the air with the hosts by dialing into the guest phone line.

  • The number to dial to talk to the hosts is (213) 943-3410.
  • You may listen to the show on the phone by calling (213) 943-3410.
  • Listen online by clicking here: Blog Talk Radio.

Life is Medicine can be heard on Consciousness Unlimited Blog Talk Radio.